Why We Do What We Do

Motivation is essential to your business! It can be the most elusive of all the essentials that are needed for business. So, what exactly is motivation and where do you find it?Biscuits with butter

The dictionary defines motivation as the “reason or reasons one has for behaving in a particular way.” So, to boil it down it is basically why we do the things we do.

My entire life I had loved spending time with my grandmother at her house. I usually visited with her and my grandpa for a couple of weeks in the summer with my family. Granny made fresh biscuits and cornbread EVERY day for my grandpa because he loved fresh bread so much. Lots of times I would see her buttering some of the biscuits. When she would butter one, she would turn it upside down in the pan she used to cook them in. In my young brain, I just knew that there was a life-altering reason that she did this. One day, when I was in my 20s, I asked her why she turned the buttered biscuits upside down after she buttered them. She giggled (my Granny was a giggler) and said, “Why honey, so I can tell which ones I have already buttered!”

My grandmother was motivated to save a few extra seconds in her day by marking the already buttered biscuits by
turning them upside down in the pan.

While not life-altering, that exchange with my grandmother has stuck with me since then. Motivations can be
to take care of huge issues in life or tiny ones – it doesn’t matter the size of the issue – there has to be motivation to get things accomplished daily. Motivation is essential to your business.

Good News – You Can Develop Your Motivation

Every human has some level of motivation buried deep inside of them. When it is triggered by the human’s state of mind it rises to the occasion to deal with the task at hand. Motivation can be hard to pin down because it can be fleeting, present one minute, and then gone! The good news is that it can be developed, much like the muscles of the body. We can implement techniques to build it up and last longer. Journaling is one way to exercise the muscle of motivation to build it up and get clear on your purpose and goals. I have a free Motivation Journal with prompts that you can download here.

The Well of Motivation

The well of motivation is similar to a water well. There is surface water, mid-level water, and deep water.Covered water well in a yard

Comparing the surface water to our motivational surface level we would find the basic needs motivations. The motivation to take care of our basic needs for food, water, shelter, and safety, and reproduction.

The mid-level motivation would include fighting disease and improving our well-being and our way of life.

The deep level of motivation is going to include those things that many people never tap into because it isn’t necessarily instinctual. To reach this level of motivation that is deep within us requires us to put forth more effort to access it. Finding the motivation to achieve business success, achieve higher self-confidence and self-esteem, or achieve financial independence. These are the areas that take a significant amount of motivation to achieve the goal.

Motivation Is Everchanging

Do you believe your motivation to accomplish something will remain the same until that goal is accomplished? If so, that is foolishness! Strong statement, I know. It is a true statement, though. This is where the elusiveness of motivation tends to take us by surprise.

For example, I get up on Monday to work on my next e-book. The first couple of hours I make good progress. Then, a friend I haven’tpicture of a chmeleon whi is ever changing seen in quite a while calls and wants to meet for a late lunch. I say yes to lunch (I have to eat, right?). My e-book is forgotten.

Tuesday, I get up intending to pick up where I left off with my book, but it just doesn’t resonate when I read back through what I wrote yesterday. So, I close it and start to work on my email sequence for an upcoming new workshop I’m putting out.

As you can see, my motivation to complete my e-book has dwindled and almost dried up. The goal is still there but my motivation to accomplish the task is not. To say that any of the motivations that took precedent over the motivation to get the next e-book out is any better or worse would not be a fair assumption.

What is fair to say is that the dominance of the motivation for one activity over the other is what took precedence. We must understand that whatever motivation we decide is the strongest will demand most of our attention and become the dominant motivation for our activity. Learning to manage our motivation and harness its power in the moment is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. Motivation is essential to your business.

Don’t Take Your Motivation for Granted

Motivation is not something that we spend much time thinking about. We just assume that motivation will show up when it is needed. Keeping this sort of mindset could derail you if you aren’t careful. You must adjust your mindset about motivation to cultivate your motivation muscle.

The sum of our purpose and our desires equals our motivation. If our purpose is not clear and our desire to reach the goal is not clear, we stand to lose our motivation. What if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had never developed their clear purpose and desire to fulfill that purpose, would we have the technology we do today? Perhaps, but only if someone else had clear goals and purpose defined to access their motivation to create computers, smartphones, etc.

Achieving Results Is Key

What have you been working on lately that provided you with the results that you were seeking? How did you feel?picture of a key with results written onto it

It’s true. Achieving the results we are shooting for is a highly effective booster to our motivation. How exciting that moment is when we see that plan’s fruition. We are ready to conquer the world!

Results are very powerful in business as well as personally to boost motivation. Weight loss is a prime example of how seeing the pounds melt away boosts our motivation to keep eating well and moving our bodies.

Is Money Really Your Motivation?

My boys had the habit of not turning in their homework even when they had completed it. I knew they did their homework because I watched them do it. I could not be at school with them to make sure they turned it in. To this day I still do not understand that practice. Trying to motivate them with all sorts of bribes was never successful. I even offered them sums of money that were a bit ridiculous but they still did not turn in their homework.

In many areas, money is not a motivator. Teachers, for example, are not motivated by money to teach or we would have no teachers in our schools. They work hard and tirelessly to pour into students because they want to see that student succeed. Success for the teacher comes when that student gets the scholarship or completes the spelling bee as the best speller or brings an amazing project to the science fair.

Students that succeed motivate their teachers to continue teaching year after year. I’m sure more money would be appreciated but it is not the motivator.

Motivation is Essential for Your Business

Motivation is essential to your business. To develop your business, you will have to rely on your motivation. Every business owner faces various challenges every single day. As a business owner, you will experience your own share of challenges. You will have toLetters spelling out motivation motivation is essential to your business choose to overcome them and move forward to reach the goals you have set for your business. Your motivation is essential in these circumstances.

As a business owner, you will need to be very clear about your purpose and your goals to do stay motivated. s. Take a look around. A motivated person created all the things that you see. That person set clear goals

You must very mindfully set your expectations for yourself, your family and your business as your business grows to maintain a level of motivation without burnout.

Next Steps for You to Take

Taking action is always the next best thing to do. You can increase your motivation by simply taking action. Here are three things you can begin today to power up your motivation.

Start writing in a motivation journal. How do you feel about your level of motivation right now? Write it down. You can grab my free Motivation Journal with Prompts by clicking this link.

Remember your why. Spend some time reflecting on why you have chosen to be in business and especially why you chose this particular business. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you made the choices that you have. If you need to adjust things, do it. This will rekindle the motivation if you’ve seen it dwindle.

Schedule in your time for regular meals, sleeping, and moving your body. Yes, put it in your calendar, planner, phone, whatever you use to schedule your time. These three elements in your life are as important to your well-being and keeping your motivation high as any meeting or collaboration you are involved with.

Remind yourself daily that you can do it – whatever your “it” for the day may be!