Four Steps to Help Take the Stress Out of Your Business

What would you do with ½ a day off every week? Go shopping, go for a hike, hang out with the family, binge watch Netflix? Use these tips to destress your business. You could reduce your workweek by five hours per week. You will also spend no time worrying about anything that may not have gotten done because you will have efficiently completed all the necessary tasks for your business.

Four Solutions Implement Today

Implement these four solutions today, right now. Do this today and you can have 5 extra hours per week to do whatever you choose to do. I use all of these in my business and find that when I consistently maintain all of these areas, I maintain progress in my business.

  1. Your Project Management ManagerComputer on Desk with ASANA Project Management Banner

    Stop! Stop messing around trying to manage your team with an email, Zoom, or text messages. You know that messages get missed, forgotten, never received, or mixed in with the other messages in the overstuffed inboxes of your team. This is not the way to manage an effective team today. Asana is your new best friend. Or, should I say, your new best project management tool. The entire team can collaborate and keep up with all the tiny details in one place. One glance will tell everyone what needs your attention immediately. Go ahead and onboard Asana today. You will be so glad you did. This is the first step to destressing your business.

  2. Create Your Own Checklists

    Stop! Stop reinventing the wheel. Set aside time right now to create checklists to follow for all your processes. Just as you would set up a flow sheet or checklist for a client to follow when you set up a service for them, set it up for your own business. Create those checklists for everything you do on a regular basis. Video, Podcast, Blog Posting, and every other business system that you run in your business. By spending a few minutes now, you will save so much time going forward. You will make fewer mistakes. Checklists can help you enjoy the processes so much more because you will know you have covered everything.  You will finish your work faster.

  3. An Org Chart

    Regardless of the size of your business, you need to set up an organizational chart. Providing your team with an organized way to view the setup of your business will create a visual means to understand the function of each position on the team. When you tell your team all of the details about who is responsible for each part of your business, they will be able to directly address every question they have to the proper person. Spend the time now to set up your org chart so that you can save time later! You will be able to accomplish so much more with ease.

  4. Schedule It Out

    Weekly Planner Page

    Put every task you need to do on a daily basis into your schedule. First of all, list out all the things that you must handle regularly then decide when you will work on each task. Put every task into your calendar and stick to your plan. Treat your self-imposed deadlines as client-imposed deadlines and do not waver from meeting the deadlines. This method will keep you on track, keep you from wasting time on social media, and accomplishing all your tasks right on time.


Action to take now!

You can implement all of these in one afternoon. Putting them in place and using them consistently will save you an incredible amount of time. You have to take consistent action every single day to save the hour each day. Yes, it is true. The work has to be done before the rewards are earned. But it will happen if you are determined to get in sync with these new processes. Jump in today with these tips and set up all of these systems to destress your business!